“Our objective is to offer affordable first class holidays personalized to small groups of individuals and families who would like a break from crowded tourist sites and experience Egypt from a different perspective” 

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African Angler (Egypt)
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Aswan Egypt


In 1993 Tim Baily had the privilege of being the first to pioneer small boat safaris on Lake Nasser. Both Tim and Peter were born and raised in Kenya and have been involved in the Africa safari business for most of their lives.They have introduced the atmosphere of traditional African safaris to Lake Nasser combined with old fashioned hospitality and attention to service.

For the past 20+ years they have been operating sport fishing safaris targeting and releasing one of the largest fresh water fish in the world the legendary Nile perch. As a result of a love of nature and “the great outdoors” in 2012 they introduced ecology related holidays to this desert lake which are called the Lake Nasser Experience.



Very few people have an in depth knowledge about the shore line and nature of this spectacular desert lake. Aside from the seven cruise ships, which only visit the temple sites, only a small number of Egyptian tour operators have a licence to operate small boat cruises on Lake Nasser.

In 2007 we became concerned about small boat licenses being issued to anyone with no regard to safety regulations. We met with the Aswan Governor and suggest he enforce a higher standard of safety and professionalism when issuing a license to keep tourists safe in this huge wilderness area. The governor  issued a directive that no more small boat licenses were to be issued, this ruling is still strictly in place.

Lake Nasser has an amazing potential for tourism which, if managed professionally, will provide substantial income for the people of Aswan. Changes are taking place but very slowly.

The Egyptian authorities understand the lakes future potential and give us their full support.



An essential requirement for a successful safari is the crew; we take this seriously and have devoted time and effort into selecting and training our safari crews and guides, most of them have been with us for fifteen years or longer.

They are all Nubians who inhabited the Nile Valley before their origional homeland was flooded by the rising waters of Lake Nasser.

There is an excellent ‘esprit de corps’ amongst our Nubian staff, they are proud of the work they do and you can’t beat them for their spontaneous and genuine friendship.

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Our style of holiday is for the individual not mass tourism. Take a break from the tourist 'hot spots' and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

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