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Cruise ships transport tourists to and from the world famous temples at Abu Simbel travelling down the middle of Lake Nasser only visiting monuments on the shore line because they are too big to reach shallow water where all the action is.

Small boat cruises are perfect for getting a close-up experience of this unique desert lake. Its spectacular shore line, rich biodiversity,  nomadic people as well as visiting the lakes temples.

A small boat cruise is the same as visiting a game park in Africa where  vehicles are used for game viewing and then for meals and overnight you stay in a lodge. Our small boat cruise is the same except we use live aboard House Boats or Safari Boats for exploring the lake supported by well-appointed Mother Ships which provide our guests with their meals and recreation.

‘’Our holidays are for the individual, not mass tourism, we will show you a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.’’



Our concept of having an independent Mother Ship taking care of catering and recreation is unique on Lake Nasser. Explore the lake from your live aboard House Boat or Safari Boat escorted by an experienced English speaking Nubian guide to visit the places which are of the most interest to you.

You will be looked after by a professional team of Nubians whose homeland Lake Nasser once was. Most of our cruise staff and guides have been with us for 17 years or longer. See tab in left panel Boats & Crew.

Overnight stops are on sandy fresh water beaches. In the evenings sip sundowners as you watch spectacular desert sunsets followed by a night sky full of brilliantly bright stars; there is no light pollution from cities, a phenomenon few people have experienced.

There are opportunities to walk along the Lake’s shore line exploring its captivating environment. In some places, water has washed away the top soil, cleaning the sandstone to reveal plant and animal fossils of bygone eras. Also, Stone Age drawings and more ‘’modern’’ hieroglyphics, carved by ancient Egyptians during their trading expeditions can be found.

‘’The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly"   Steve Pitts


We have two small boat cruise options for you to explore this picturesque desert Lake.

Small Boat Charter:     Charter your own House Boat or Safari Boat to explore an amazing desert lake. You have a range of options from 2 nights & 3 days upward which will give you the flexibility to include this cruise into the itinerary you are planning for Egypt. Small Boat Charter

Abu Simbel Cruise:     Get an in depth experience of Lake Nasser on your way to visit the famous temples at Abu Simbel. Abu Simble Cruise

For a detailed PDF brochure with itinerary and cost click Ask a Question to send us a message.

The Family Experience: Children have a fertile imagination with a mind like a sponge when it comes to taking in new and exciting experiences. A small boat cruise has many more worthwhile adventures than a sun, sea & sand holiday staying in a plush hotel with the kids holding on tight to their smart phones. See left panel Family Experience.

’'Pictures speak a thousand words’’ peruse our Slide Shows tab for an insight into this unique desert Lake.



We are a small professional family business who in 1993 had the privilege of being the first to pioneer small boat safaris on Lake Nasser. For over 20 years we specialize exclusively on Lake Nasser and have unparalleled experience of this amazing desert lake.  See tab heading About Us




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Our style of holiday is for the individual not mass tourism. Take a break from the tourist 'hot spots' and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

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