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Explore the lake in your House Boat then for lunch and overnight meet up with a well-appointed mother ship for meals and drinks in comfortable social surroundings.

Our concept of having an independent Mother Ship unit taking care of catering and recreation is unique on Lake Nasser. With cruise ships, both big or small, everything is cramped together in one unit with little privacy. Cruise ships are too cumbersome to get close to wild life and manoeuvre in shallower water where all the action is. Exploring the lake in your house boat is the perfect way to get a close-up experience of this amazing desert lake.

We cater for the individual not mass tourism, there are seldom more than ten guests on a small boat cruise.




An essential requirement for a successful cruise is the crew, we take this seriously devoting a lot of effort into selecting and training our team.

An English speaking Nubian guide is the skipper of your house boat. Most of our guides have been with us for sixteen years or longer and know the lake intimately, its wild life, people, and the most interesting places to visit. Your guide will take you to see what you are most interested in. You can visit any of the temples on the lake’s shoreline but, our guides are not qualified Egyptologists.

Our guides and support crew are Nubians who inhabited the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser. The Nubian people have a proud and rich heritage which dates to long before the Pharaohs were in control of ancient Egypt. To this day they maintain their own distinct traditions, architecture, and language. There is an excellent esprit de corps amongst our Nubian staff, they are proud of the work they do, and you can’t beat them for their spontaneous and genuine friendship.


The Nubians have a special reputation amongst outsiders; their characteristics are generally considered to be honesty, trustworthiness and good heartedness. But this reputation covers not only the people but also their country, which was called Balad El-Aman, a land of safety and security. I am telling you all this because the whole crew and the staff of African Angler are Nubians, and without exaggerating, I have barely ever met better, politer, more helpful and grateful people in my whole life! These guys are very proud of their culture and their values and until today represent them to the fullest!  Moritz Witter



Our well-appointed mother ships carry the equipment, provisions, fuel and the safari staff; leaving the house boats free for your own personal use.

Mother ships are fitted with a built-in kitchen, dining area, toilet, and shower; there is plenty of space on the upper deck to relax and watch the world go by. Beer, and soft drinks are in plentiful supply and always ice cold.

You will be well looked after; our Nubian safari staff will surprise you with their ability to conjure up amazing food in the middle of nowhere. The style of cooking is a blend of western taste merged with Nubian cuisine, superb.




House Boats have two spacious cabins which sleep up to four in comfort. They are fitted with a toilet & shower and a small galley with amenities for making tea or coffee. The electricity supply is from 240-volt generator capable of recharging your appliances. When the generator is not running there is a 12-volt battery powered night light circuit.

The sun deck is a comfortable shaded area which is ideal for relaxing and taking in the scenery.

A house boat is perfect for exploring the Lake, big enough to be comfortable but also small enough to reach shallow areas, where you are more likely to see wild life and get close enough for memorable photographs.




Safari Boats are smaller than the house boats. Originally designed for fishing they are ideal for those who would like to try their luck to catch and release a Nile perch or Tiger fish.

Safari boats have a cabin with two large single bunks, at night the cabin can be enclosed by canvas providing a cosy sheltered sleeping area or you can sleep on the top deck under the desert stars which most people find is a unique and peaceful experience; it never rains in the desert.

Unlike the house boats, safari boats do not have an on-board toilet and shower, these facilities are provided for on the mother ship.









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