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A small boat cruise to Abu Simbel is a more rewarding experience than travelling down the middle of the lake in a cruise ship.

Explore this desert lake from your house boat then, for overnight and when you want to relax and have your meals, join up with other guests in the social atmosphere of a well-appointed mother ship.

With cruise ships, both big or small, everything is cramped together in one unit with little privacy. They are too big to get into shallow water where all the action is, viewing the wild life, meeting the nomads or going for walks. When you visit the lakes monuments, you can take your own time to to explore them rather than follow a group of tourists on a scheduled tour.

House boats are perfect for getting these close-up experiences.

For details about how a small boat cruise works see tab Boats & Crew in left panel

‘’Our style of holiday is for the individual, not mass tourism, we will show you a much more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.’’



The Abu Simbel cruise starts or ends at either Aswan or Abu Simbel. Each day you will cruise for 5 or 6 hours close to the lakes shore line taking in the incredible scenery. Between cruising times, there are opportunities to, go for walks, wild life viewing, visiting the Bedouin or to explore the ancient monuments of which the highlight is the world famous temples at Abu Simbel.

You have two itinerary options: -

  • 3 nights & 4 days starting weekly on Monday or Thursday
  • 4 nights & 5 days starting weekly on Sunday or Thursday

Send me a PDF brochure with itinerary and cost: Itinerary & Cost


"To sit back under a big, full sky full of stars, eating, drinking and yarning, listening to the desert sounds.... is a super experience, both exciting and relaxing simultaneously "  Barrie Rickards:  Professor of Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy Cambridge University.


There is a lot to tell you about Lake Nasser, unlike main land Egypt which gets a massive amount of publicity, few people know very much about this beautiful desert lake.

As the saying goes ‘’A picture speaks a thousand words’’ we recommend you peruse the tab Slide Show. where you will get an interesting insight into this unique desert Lake.  A refreshing experience from the hustle & bustle of the world we live in.  

The cost of our small boat cruise is competitive, if there are four or more of you travelling together chartering a house boat with two cabins plus toilet and shower is less expensive that paying for two separate cabins on a cruise ship. Ideal for a group of friends or a family and a perfect place to introduce your children to the great outdoors.




Family: Adults pay the full amount under the price band of the number travelling together. Children under 18 years old get a 15%, 4 years old or younger get a 50% discount off the same price band.

Organizer: If you have a group of 6 or more adults on the same safari the ‘organizer’ the 6th person gets a 15% discount off the cost of their safari.

Solo Travellers are welcome:  Pay for one place from the price band for 2 sharing plus a reasonable supplement. If you find a suitable partner, then neither of you will pay the supplement.




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Special Offers for a Lake Nasser Experience

Treat yourself and your family to a unique holiday exploring the wilderness of a magnificent desert lake and visiting the world famous Temples of Abu Simbel.

Take a break from the tourist ‘hot spots’ and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

Throughout the year we offer a selection of themed small boat safaris as special offers, for information please complete the form below and we will send you the details.

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