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In the 1960’s a massive dam was built on the Nile river at Aswan, the resulting lake flooded over 6,200 sq. km. of southern Egypt creating one of the world’s largest manmade lakes, a vast body of fresh water in the middle of the largest and driest desert on our planet.

For more detailed information about this amazing desert lake go to tab Lake Nasser.

This beautiful lake is now a popular tourist attraction for Egypt, every week hundreds of visitors cruise down the middle of the lake on their way to visit the world famous temples of Ramses at Abu Simbel. They travel in comfortable cruise ships visiting the Nubian Monuments on the shoreline of the lake.

Our Small Boat Cruise offers a unique first class alternative to stereotype cruise ships.  

Small Boat Cruise to Abu Simbel go to tab Abu Simbel Cruise.




In place of tourist cruise ships, we use first class house boats which are supported by well-appointed mother ships.

Our system of having an independent mothership taking care of catering and recreation is unique on Lake Nasser. Explore the lake in your personal house boat then, to relax and have your meals, join the social atmosphere of well-appointed mother ship. Mother ships have the same facilities as a cruise ship, with the exception of a swimming pool!

Cruise ships, both big or small, are too cumbersome to manoeuvre in shallow water where all the action is. House boats are perfect for getting a close up experience of the Sahara Desert's panorama, its biodiversity also to meet te desert Bedouin who inhabit the lakes shore line.

Enjoy a small boat cruise waited on ‘hand & foot’ by a professional team of Nubians whose homeland Lake Nasser once was. Many of our support staff and guides have been with us for 16 years or longer.

For more information about how a small boat cruise works see tab in left panel Boats & Crew


‘’The kind of hospitality shown by Tim and his guides is seldom seen these days and the atmosphere was incredibly friendly"   Steve Pitts



There is a lot to see and do; in many ways, it’s like visiting a game park which you explore from your house boat.

Small boat cruises are similar to traditional African safaris where cross country vehicles are used for game viewing, while support trucks carrying a luxury camp and safari staff go on ahead. Our safaris are the same except we use first class boats instead of land vehicles.

Ideal for families or a small group of friends. For 4 or more guests chartering a house boat with two cabins plus toilet and shower is often less expensive than paying for two separate cabins on a cruise ship.



We are a family business who in 1993 had the privilege of being the first to pioneer small boat safaris on Lake Nasser. We specialize exclusively on Lake Nasser and as a result have unparalleled experience of this stunning desert lake.

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Treat yourself and your family to a unique holiday exploring the wilderness of a magnificent desert lake and visiting the world famous Temples of Abu Simbel.

Take a break from the tourist ‘hot spots’ and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

Throughout the year we offer a selection of themed small boat safaris as special offers, for information please complete the form below and we will send you the details.

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