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In the 1960’s a massive dam was built on the Nile at Aswan, the resulting lake flooded over 6,200 sq. km. of southern Egypt creating one of the world’s largest manmade lakes; a vast body of fresh water in the middle of the largest and driest desert on our planet.

Lake Nasser is blessed with vast areas of natural beauty, shorelines with a diversity of desert landscapes, from hilly and rugged to sandy with dunes cascading into the lake with beautiful freshwater beaches.

The lake supports an impressive variety of wildlife and is also an important staging point for migrant and over-wintering birds. The bird population is followed by their predators; Nile crocodiles and monitor lizards and other species of desert wildlife include Dorcas gazelle, jackals, desert fox, hyena and various other desert mammals also inhabit the shoreline and islands.

Transient peasant fishermen fish the lake using traditional rowing boats; there is no modern commercial fishing. The residents are Desert Bedouin, camel and sheep herdsmen who graze their flocks on the sparse vegetation growing on the shoreline.

There are several Nubian archaeological temple sites the most notable are the magnificent temples at Abu Simbel; carved out of solid rock four immense statues of Ramses II address the lake - designed as a show of strength, an awesome sentinel watching over any boats sailing into the Pharaoh’s lands.



We operate small boat safaris on Lake Nasser

Small boat safaris are similar to the old style of African safari where cross country vehicles are used for game viewing, while support trucks carrying a luxury camp and the safari staff went on ahead. Our safaris are the same except we use comfortable live aboard house boats supported by a well-appointed mother ship instead of land vehicles.

Mother Ships. Our concept of having an independent unit to take care of catering and recreation is unique on Lake Nasser. With cruise ships everything is cramped together in one unit with little privacy. Cruise ships, big or small, are too cumbersome to get close to wild life and manoeuvre in shallower water where all the action is.

Our live aboard boats are perfect for getting a close-up experience into this magnificent desert lake.

There is a lot to see and do, it’s like visiting a game park which you explore in your own live aboard boat, then at lunch time and in the evenings meet up with the mother ship where meals and drinks are enjoyed in relaxed social surroundings.

Discover a spectacular lake, its deep desert scenery and wild life. Go for walks in a desert environment and meet the nomads. At the same time enjoying the experience of a traditional safari waited on ‘hand & foot’ by an experienced team of Nubian safari staff and guides; many of whom have been with us for 15 years or longer.

A much more worthwhile adventure than cruising down the middle of the lake in a huge cruise ship.

We are a small professional family business who in 1993 had the privilege of being the first to pioneer small boat safaris on Lake Nasser.  We specialize exclusively on Lake Nasser and as a result have unparalleled experience of this magnificent desert lake.

Because of our Kenyan origin, involved in the safari business, we have introduced the atmosphere of a traditional African safari with old fashioned hospitality and attention to service.

For more information see Safari Boats & Crew

Our style of holiday is for the individual, not mass tourism, we will show you a much more intimate and traditional side of Egypt’’


Abu Simbel Cruise

Six crowded cruise ships transport thousands of tourists to and from Aswan to visit the world-famous Temples at Abu Simbel. They cruise down the middle of the lake only stopping at ancient temple sites.

On a small boat safari, you will get a close-up experience of this magnificent desert lake. While cruising you get close to the beautiful desert panorama also, there are plenty of chances to, go for walks, wild life viewing, visiting the local Bedouin or explore the ancient monuments on the shore of the lake.           Go to Abu Simbel Cruise

Desert Lake Charter

Charter your own boat safari unit made up of a mother ship, safari boats and or house boats with a Nubian crew who will take meticulous care of you. You will have the exclusive use of this safari unit; perfect for a family or group of friends. You can start on any day of the year and come for as many days as you like. Set out and explore the lake, at your own pace, on an out-door adventure which has few equals anywhere.       Go to Desert Lake Charter

Take some time to peruse the slide shows we have created they will give you an interesting insight into this unique desert Lake.  A refreshing experience from the hustle & bustle of the world we live in and a perfect place to introduce your children to the great outdoors.

Go to page Gallery slide shows



“Tim Baily who was born and raised in Kenya runs and organizes the Lake Nasser Experience; and it is through Tim's enterprise that individuals find themselves in the desert of southern Egypt. It must be emphasized from the very outset that the term safari is precisely what a trip to Lake Nasser is. The environment is rugged, though incredibly beautiful, remote and demanding. Yet despite this Tim has, evolved an adventure which is remarkably civilized in several aspects, primarily centred about the social and culinary side of the trip”. Martin Gay article “More Than Meets the Eye”

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Special Offers for a Lake Nasser Experience

Treat yourself and your family to a unique holiday exploring the wilderness of a magnificent desert lake and visiting the world famous Temples of Abu Simbel.

Take a break from the tourist ‘hot spots’ and let us introduce you to a more intimate and traditional side of Egypt.

Throughout the year we offer a selection of themed small boat safaris as special offers, for information please complete the form below and we will send you the details.

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