Aswan & Lake Naser  Day Trips

If you are just passing through Aswan and do not have enough time for a small boat safari then come on a day trip to experience this spectacular desert lake.

The Lake Nasser day trip is one of the most original and interesting day trips on offer in Aswan.

The High Dam is 3.83 kilometers long; viewed from the lake side will give you the best perspective of its massive size. Then get an insight into the scenic grandeur of this desert lake with its birds and wild life on board our well-appointed Mother Ship. You also visit Kalabsha Temple originally located 50 km south of Aswan on a site now flooded by the lake; this temple was relocated by UNESCO World Heritage on to an island close to the High Dam in 1970’s.

For cruising on Lake Nasser we use a motor vessel called a Mother Ship which is spacious, comfortable and fitted with toilets. The top deck has plenty of space for sightseeing and on the lower deck there is a roomy saloon for relaxing and having a drink. Mother Ships also have a small bar which serves coffee or tea free of charge; cold soft drinks and beer are available at normal prices.

Private Charter

If you are travelling with your family or a group of friends consider chartering a house boat for your own private use; this boat will comfortably accommodate up to eight guests on a day trip; it is also fitted with a toilet. The spacious sun deck has a comfortable shaded area ideal for relaxing and taking in the scenery; house boats are perfect for exploring the Lake, big enough to be comfortable but also small enough to reach shallow areas, where you are more likely to see wild life and get close enough for memorable photographs.



Lake Nasser Day Trip

Start Days weekly:     Friday or Saturday and a Wednesday or Thursday

Duration:  6 to 7 hours

We will collect you from your hotel or cruise ship at 08.30am and transfer you to the mother ship at the High Dam (20 minute drive from Aswan) for your day exploring the scenic grandeur of Lake Nasser, its birds, wild life and the massive High Dam returning to Aswan at approximately 4.30pm when we will transfer you back to your hotel or cruise ship. See below for optional visit to the Temples of Philae.

For lunch we serve a bountiful selection of Arab salads with a traditional mezza made up of a plentiful array of dips and other servings – you will eat well.

Includes: Transfers, guide, and lunch

Optional Visit - Temples of Philae

After your Lake Nasser day trip cruise visit the majestic temple complex of Isis located on an Island in the Sallal Lake located between the High Dam and the old British Dam built at the turn of the century. One of Nubia's most important monuments, the Temples of Philae is an ancient pilgrimage centre for the cult of Isis and has been amazing travellers with its powerful atmosphere for centuries.

Finish your Lake Nasser Experience cruise at approximately 2.30pm and visit the Temples of Philae on your way back into Aswan.

Duration:   About two hours

Includes: Transfers, Egyptologist guide, motor boat trip, Philae Temple entry fee

Please send me cost and more info


The Aswan Experience

Aswan is the friendliest city in Egypt and has been our home town for more than 20 years so we know its secrets; we have selected only the most interesting and unusual places for you to see, we will take you away from the crowded tourist ‘hot spots’ and show you a more intimate and traditional side of Aswan.

Sallal Lake and Philae Temple

Start Day:      Any day of the year.

Duration:       As required, up to 5 hours.

The first dam on the Nile was built by the British in 1898 then, in the 1960’s the High Dam was built by the Russians and Lake Nasser was created. The small lake between these two huge dams is locally known as Sallal, few people realize just how beautiful and interesting this small lake is, the shoreline is made up of majestic granite boulders which are interspersed with traditional Nubian villages, and sandy desert beaches. The lake is studded with rugged islands some of which have become a sanctuary for wild birds.

Sallal is a majestically picturesque traditional area which the Nubians keep to themselves; a traditional side of Aswan which very few people have experienced; a refreshing alternative to the tourist crowds in the commercial Nubian villages on the banks of the Nile around Aswan.

Includes: Transfers, Egyptologist guide, motor boat trip, Philae Temple entry fee


Nubian Culture

Start Day:       Any day of the year.

Duration:        4 to 5 hours

Nubians are the people who inhabited the Nile Valley before it was flooded by Lake Nasser; they have a proud and rich heritage dating back to before the Pharaohs and still maintain their own distinct traditions, architecture and language.

We will pick you up from your hotel or cruise ship and transfer you by motor boat across the Nile to a Nubian village called Karb Aswan. Camels will be waiting to take you on a fascinating ride through farmland along the banks of the Nile and then to the edge of the desert before returning to the village to visit a Nubian family who will welcome you into their home for tea and traditional cakes. This is a great way to experience life in a Nubian village first hand and you can rest assured you will be well looked after because this village is where several of our Nubian safari guides have their homes. Don't be concerned about riding a camel, all you have to do is to sit in a comfotable saddle, while a Nubian leads the camel on its way.

Includes: Transfers, guide, motor boat trip, camel ride traditional refreshments

Please send me cost and more info



Aswan by Night

Start Day:     Any evening of the year.

Duration:      4 to 5 hours

Starting in the early evening we will take you for a tour of the most interesting places we know in Aswan riding in traditional horse carriages to soak up the atmosphere of this vibrant town which comes awake at night. Then have dinner in a traditional restaurant which is favoured by the local people. After dinner you can go shopping or we will take you back to your hotel or cruise ship. If you go shopping you will be accompanied by our guide who will make sure you are well looked after and insure you are not hassled by touts and pay a fair price for any souvenirs you buy.

Includes:      Horse carriage, guide, dinner at a traditional restaurant

Abu Simbel Day Trip


Transfer to Abu Simbel with either of two convoys departing Aswan at 4.30am or 11am. Abu Simbel is 300km by road from Aswan and takes approximately 3 hours driving each way. The time spent at the temples is two and a half hours which means the round trip will take about 9 hours.

We can arrange a private road transfer with a reliable driver in an air-conditioned limo or mini- bus including the temple entry fee and an Egyptologist guide.


Egypt Air has regular daily flights to Abu Simbel. The flight cost varies and will have to be reconfirmed at the time of booking. The flight time between Aswan and Abu Simbel is half an hour each way and the time spent at the temples is two and a half hours also taking into account the transfer from your Aswan hotel or cruise ship to and from Aswan airport the round trip will take about 6 hours.

Please send me cost and more info






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